The Commercial for Sunny Delight Reminds Us How Bad Sunny D Actually Is

Sunny D

Sunny D (Photo credit: atrphoto)

Ever since I could remember there has been commercials for Sunny Delight. It is an orange juice type product with a ton of additional, unnecessary sugar. It sounds like it would taste great .. WRONG.

The commercial for Sunny D isn’t even a great commercial. You would think if they were advertising a mediocre product that has no added benefits to Orange Juice; (you know the vitamin filled juice that people drink with breakfast that has various health benefits) the commercial would be good to counterbalance how bad the product is.

In the commercial, a kid is naming the other beverages in his fridge (OJ, brand x soda, purple stuff that he can’t even identify and Sunny D). With Sunny D being the only identifiable product in the fridge, who wouldn’t drink it, that doesn’t make it a good beverage, it makes it better than the unknown. The kid should have responded with ‘do you have any lead in your water because I hate all four of those choices.’

Sunny D tastes like a combination of orange juice and baby medicine. YUM! (Don’t worry, they describe it as a combination of orange, tangerine, lime and the healthy stuff.)

The company should have changed their motto to – “Sunny D for when your choices are even worse than Sunny D “

A link to the commercial I was referring to can be found by following this link.


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