Reasons I May Defriend You on Facebook


facebook (Photo credit: sitmonkeysupreme)

1. I don’t actually know you. For some reason we have never met but somehow became friends. This must have been back when I was young and naïve, unfamiliar with the point of Facebook.

2. We met that one time maybe 5+ years ago and I have no desire to keep in touch. Also, I’ll probably never see you again.

3. You update your Facebook status A LOT. The updates aren’t interesting or insightful, they’re statuses about the games you’re playing. Sorry but I am not interested.

4. You post pictures of your meals. I understand if it’s occasionally, or you ordered something awesome. Or even if it’s something you made but there is something unique or exciting about it. But no one wants to see that Eggo waffle you ate. Toasted to perfection or not, there’s nothing exciting about it.

5. #toomanyhashtags. Sometimes it can be a little fun or witty. Usually, it looks like you’re a moron. Especially when you attend a conference or special event and are tagging along with your Twitter using peers. #hashtagsdonothingonfacebook Continue reading


Kony 2012, One Year Later

¿Quien es Joseph Kony?

Who is Joseph Kony? (Photo credit: Jennol)

One year ago today, Invisible Children launched a short film online [viewable here] to stop Joseph Kony, the Ugandan LRA leader. Over the last year, the YouTube version of the film has been viewed more than 96 million times. On Vimeo, the film’s original host, it has been viewed 18.4 million times.

A year ago when the video was released I wrote something calling into question the ‘activists’ that are interested in bringing Kony down. I put activists in quotation marks because, what exactly did they do? For about a month my social networks were filled with phrases like “Stop Kony” or “Make Kony Famous” but when the hype from the video died down, so did the ‘activists’ or slacktivists as they should be more appropriately called. Continue reading

In Five Minutes

What can you create in five minutes? That is exactly what the creators behind The Sketchbook Project are asking this week. The link for the project can be found here.

This week, 500 participators (myself included) are being challenged to draw a portrait of someone in five minutes by March 15th. My drawing skills can be described as sub-par at best so don’t laugh at my drawing which I will post below. Continue reading

Create A Gummy Bear Replica Of Yourself

(Photo: FabCafe)

Are you a narcissist? A candy fiend? A combination of the two?

Well now you can get a gummy bear modeled after you. A Japanese Bistro called FabCafe is now offering to recreate its customers in edible ‘gummy bear’ form. The process consists of two parts; a 3D body scan and then a molding to create the final product. Purchasing this gummy bear replica of yourself will only set you back $65. In terms of crazy products, this one isn’t too over priced. Continue reading

The 10 Best Tweets About The Titanic II

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In case you haven’t heard, plans for a Titanic replica has been put into motion by an Australian billionaire. A ship called the Titanic II is being built and set for its maiden voyage in 2016, check here for the full article.

Since the news broke on Tuesday, Twitter has exploded with tweets; some clever and well thought out, others are racist and in poor taste. Below I have compiled a list of what I find to be the funniest/most creative/thoughtful ones. Feel free to add any additional ones in the comments!

  1. @andrewhibbard  Wait a second… by the time Titanic II gets built, the Earth will be all ocean and zero icebergs… Well played Mr. Billionaire sir.
  2. @RexHuppke  Hipsters are already lining up to buy tickets to ride on Titanic II because if it sinks they win irony.
  3. @TCrabtree83  I’m going to build an exact replica of the iceberg that sank the Titanic and follow the Titanic II around for awhile.
  4. @ejc  Already booked my voyage on Titanic II – setting up shop as “The guy who paints female passengers naked”
  5. @ghero46  I’ve got this weird, sinking feeling about the Titanic II being built.
  6. @ArtsWriter  If Celine Dion’s on board and singing, I just may steer it into the nearest iceberg myself. #Titanic II
  7. @BeeeejEsq  I’ll bet the Pope only stepped down so he could follow his dream of traveling the world with an elite dance troupe on the new Titanic II.
  8. @Ponderlock  The Titanic II is being unveiled. This should give all those morbid people obsessed with the 1st ship sinking something new to cheer about.
  9. @humanist_steve  Plans announced of a fabulous Titanic II that will sail the original route. Savvy travelers can save big by buying the one-way ticket.
  10. @EllyZupko  Breaking news: Carnival apologizes to survivors of the “Nightmare Cruise” by giving them tickets for the inaugural voyage of Titanic II.