In Five Minutes

What can you create in five minutes? That is exactly what the creators behind The Sketchbook Project are asking this week. The link for the project can be found here.

This week, 500 participators (myself included) are being challenged to draw a portrait of someone in five minutes by March 15th. My drawing skills can be described as sub-par at best so don’t laugh at my drawing which I will post below.

Every week The Sketchbook Project has a new free project to participate in, and I am going to participate in as many as I can and post them here.

I chose to draw the portrait with my iPad and it’s a picture of my best friend Kori. She’s from Baltimore and a fan of the Orioles. Feel free to post in the comments and judge away at my mediocrity. Drawing is not one of my talents. Hopefully through weekly projects like this I can begin to improve.


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