Kony 2012, One Year Later

¿Quien es Joseph Kony?

Who is Joseph Kony? (Photo credit: Jennol)

One year ago today, Invisible Children launched a short film online [viewable here] to stop Joseph Kony, the Ugandan LRA leader. Over the last year, the YouTube version of the film has been viewed more than 96 million times. On Vimeo, the film’s original host, it has been viewed 18.4 million times.

A year ago when the video was released I wrote something calling into question the ‘activists’ that are interested in bringing Kony down. I put activists in quotation marks because, what exactly did they do? For about a month my social networks were filled with phrases like “Stop Kony” or “Make Kony Famous” but when the hype from the video died down, so did the ‘activists’ or slacktivists as they should be more appropriately called.

The goal of the film was to capture Kony by the end of 2012; well, the year ended and he was not captured.

Today, another film was released [watch here]. The film shows the progress that the Kony 2012 campaign has made in the last year.

  • LRA Killings of civilians dropped 67% from 2011 to 2012
  • 2 of the top 5 LRA commanders are off the battlefield
  • On January 15th of this year, President Obama signed the Rewards for Justice bill into law, aimed at arresting Joseph Kony
  • And the Elikya rehabilitation center, built by Invisible Children, is open and at full capacity with 130 children.

The film is also requesting that people send donations to aid in the capture of Kony, but where is the money going? Last year there was a lot of controversy about donating to invisible children because only 32% of the money was actually going to finding Kony. [Full article here]

If you are committed to bringing down Joseph Kony, do the research before blindly sending your money to invisible children. Just because they are the highest profile organization dedicated to bringing him down, that doesn’t mean they’re the right or the best organization to do so.

I do think that Joseph Kony should be arrested and brought to justice, however I do not agree with Invisible Children’s method/scam of doing so.

Here are some other websites with more known information about Invisible Children and the Kony 2012 campaign:


Is Kony 2012 A Scam? Mashable

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Ugandan’s Angry About Kony 2012 Video

Is There More Than Meets The Eye

How Invisible Children Convinced America’s Youth To Support Military Action In Africa

There are plenty more articles out there, these are just the ones I found interesting. Do the research, be informed.


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