A Note To A Pen Thief

Whenever I get an exceptionally good pen, I become more paranoid about the pen than Mr. Krabs is about his money. I basically see every person as a potential pen thief.

robot dance

They’re always from weird places too. Why? Because I STOLE THE PEN FROM SOMEONE ELSE. I’m the pen thief.

I’m a hypocrite. And who do I know that goes to Angara Indian Restaurant in Torrence, CA? Why so far? There is an Indian place right down the street in my state! Also, I DON’T EVEN EAT INDIAN FOOD!


A Series of Haikus From My Desk

Sometimes while sitting at work, I find my mind wandering a little. Particularly last week when I was not enjoying my salad at lunch, solely for the fact that it is not grilled cheese. So it all began with this one haiku ..

Haiku Studios

Haiku Studios (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I do not like you
You will never be grilled cheese
You make my mouth sad

Below is a list of some haikus I wrote, some inspired by coworkers, others are just random thoughts that popped into my head,

  1. We should write all blogs
    In the form of a haiku
    Work would be more fun
  2. it is clear that you
    did not major in english
    haikus are easy
  3. I want to leave work
    I only have five more blogs
    Have three hours left
  4. forgot regular
    grammar and syntax, only
    use haikus today
  5. excited for the
    halloween party later
    I will be miley
  6. John, will you be my
    Robin Thicke so I can twerk
    on you all evening
  7. candy crush killed my
    productivity today
    at adventure web
  8. Advanced Packaging
    Makes John cry, he would rather
    Be lured into woods
  9. Sometimes I take a
    Break from my writing job by
    Doing more writing.

And that is what I would call a successful day!