Dispatches From The Juice Cleanse — Day 2


Part 2 of 3 following my ill advised journey through the world of fad diets and juice cleansing. Fortunately, I feel rejuvenated, unfortunately I cannot stop peeing!

The juice cleanse I did and all the information about it can be found here:http://www.jusbyjulie.com

Morning Glory

Monday 8:00am Juice 1 — The day started again with “Morning Glory.” This blend of romaine, celery, spinach, apple, kale, banana and strawberry again made me dream of better days where I was enjoying cereal and milk. However now that I learned my straw trick which is: chug through a straw and don’t breathe out of your nose, the juice went down quickly. No dry-heaving today! And fortunately, only one more of these bad boys tomorrow and then I’m in the clear!

Spicy Lemonade

Monday 10:00am Juice 2 — My mid-morning snack was “Spicy Lemonade” and I would consider buying this to drink on a daily basis! It was that good! It was a mix of lemon, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. I think this was the juice I was most excited to try and thankfully it did not dissapoint. Even better, there’s another one for me to drink again tomorrow. Julie, creator of this juice cleanse thank you for creating this spicy lemony goodness for me to enjoy in-between green goopy juices.

Sweet Spin

Monday 12:00pm Juice 3 — For lunch, I have my first “Sweet Spin” of the day. Green goopy juice goes down just fine when I don’t breathe out of my nose and try to drink as fast as humanly possible. My notes for how to improve this beverage: remove the green stuff and double up on the fruity flavors. Everyone loves fruit, people are less fond of blended greens that ruin the fruity taste. Oh and while I suffered through this drink, my coworkers were eating lunch and tormenting me with their solid foods.

Chia Berry

Monday 3:00pm Juice 4 — My afternoon snack was a new juice today, “Chia Berry.” Looking into the bottle and seeing seeds did not make me excited to drink this. It was made of strawberries, chia seeds, lemon and pomegranate. This one happened to be amazing, once I could get past the weirdness that was seeds in my juice. Hopefully all the seeds I consumed today don’t cause little baby fruits and veggies to grow in my tummy; or worse — a chia pet. This was better than the afternoon snack yesterday, unfortunately this was the only chia berry juice I got.

Not So Chunky

Monday 6:30pm Juice 5 — My dinner juice couldn’t possibly be any worse than the one from last night. “Not So Chunky” is a kind of gross name but it was a blend of peanut butter and banana so what could be bad about that? Unfortunately it smelled like playdough and didn’t taste peanut buttery enough for my personal taste. It ended up not tasting too bad but it was nowhere near as good as I expected it to be. I think it was the overwhelming playdough smell that went along with this one that made me want to give up my first born child to not have to drink it again tomorrow.

Sweet Spin

Monday 8:30pm Juice 6 — Yay! More “Sweet Spin” said no one ever. All things considered, this juice isn’t too bad. It’s just a lot of it. 32 oz of anything is a lot. 32 oz of something you’re not particularly fond of is way too much.

I have now finished 2/3 of the juice cleanse and I don’t know if I would describe it as feeling rejuvenated, but I am definitely feeling pretty good! Today, I did not feel that inevitable 2 o’clock slump and that was amazing considering I spend most of the morning procrastinating — especially on a Monday. But I am ready for this to be over and off of the pee every 15 minutes plan. Because that is getting just a littleexhausting.

Day 1 of the juice cleanse can be found here.

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