Dispatches From The Juice Cleanse Day 3

The juice cleanse I did and all the information about it can be found here:http://www.jusbyjulie.com

Morning Glory

Tuesday 8:30am Juice 1 — As the days before, my first juice was “Morning Glory.” I did however implement my straw trick of drinking as fast as humanly possible. Either it works wonders or drinking this three days in a row has made my tastebuds immune to 8oz of green juice. Regardless, this was my last time drinking the juice hopefully forever. Unless I decide to hop on the fad diet train again and cleanse my body some more.

Spicy Lemonade

Tuesday 10:15am Juice 2 — “Spicy Lemonade” is my favorite of the juices. I prefer the pomegranate flavor from day 1. But this was just as delicious as the day before. The juice cleanse would be much easier if it involved only drinking this juice for days on end. Except, this is probably the least nutritious and I’d end up malnourished but hey, as long as my taste buds won’t hate me anymore! In all seriousness though, I will try to recreate this juice to drink as much as humanly possible.

Sweet Spin

Tuesday 12:30pm Juice 3 — For lunch I enjoyed a “Sweet Spin”. Here I’m using the term enjoyedvery losely. But I see the light at the end of the tunnel, three more juices after this one and I get to enjoy solid food for lunch tomorrow! But the goal of this isn’t to just cleanse my body with these lovely juices for three days and then jump back into eating pizza and all that good stuff. I am going to continue with a healthy lifestyle. I’m actually feeling pretty refreshed and energetic where I thought I’d feel sluggish and drained.

Acai Blend

Tuesday 2:30pm Juice 4 — The end of the day is definitely the worst. The thicker juices make me have to pee more but the “Acai Blend”isn’t bad. Little did I know, this would be the last juice I enjoyed all day. It’s fruity and sweet but not as good as yesterday’s midday snack juice. I’m really looking forward to finishing up these last few juices and move on to solid food again. All of these juices and blended drinks are kind of making me feel like a hospital patient and I’m ready to feel like a young adult again at meal times.

Not So Chunky

Tuesday 6:30pm Juice 5— For dinner I had the pleasure of enjoying “Not So Chunky.” Julie, creator of this juice cleanse, why oh why do you hate me? This is significantly worse the second day and finishing it was a challenge. I ended up taking huge gulps and chasing it with water. My roommate is finding this situation hysterical, me? Not so much. I hope one day she gets bitten by the ‘fad diet bug’ and I get to be a witness and enjoy watching her squirm. But for the moment, shes laughing at my expense and I cannot wait to finish this and never have to drink it again. Also peanut butter and bananas are a combination I will never be able to approach again.

Sweet Spin

Tuesday 8:30pm Juice 6 — The end is near. For my final juice of the cleanse I enjoy my 6th “Sweet Spin.” Unfortunately I drank this while duckpin bowling with some friends so this was pure torture. But, my friends were so proud of me for sticking to my guns and making it this far in the cleanse so they were nice enough to not tempt me with all the food they were eating. My plan for the final juice was to chug and then chug some water and put this fad diet behind me. I chugged this final juice as if I hadn’t drank anything in three days even though I’m so full of juice and I’m looking forward to my nice bowl of cereal tomorrow morning.

All in all? I didn’t hate the juice cleanse. I know I complained about the taste of most of them, if I do it again I will definitely head over to the store and pick out flavors that appeal to my tastes (less green goop, more spicy lemonade.) But I am feeling refreshed and rejuvinated like the cleanse promised. And I ended up losing 3 pounds which was a nice bonus. If you’re considering a juice cleanse I would highly suggest it. What do you have to loose? Well maybe about an hour of your day because you’re constantly running to pee.

Day 1 of the juice cleanse can be found here.

Day 2 of the juice cleanse can be found here.

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