A Newsletter, The Beginning

Everyday I read plenty of the articles on the internet that I find interesting and wish to share with  anyone who is interested. However I’m not about to post 7 articles on my Facebook wall everyday, it will all get lost in the shuffle. So I’m presenting a weekly newsletter of interesting content I found around the web. The content will not include Buzzfeed listicles  or click-bait, each post will be longform intriguing journalism that hopefully you haven’t already seen shared multiple times in your various newsfeeds. Sign up for weekly my newsletter here.

The newsletter is below, or you can view it in your

My Stepfather, The Peeping Tom
When your Stepfather admits to spying on you in your bedroom and bathroom, how do you continue to maintain a relationship with him? Furthermore, your mother is defending him and denying this act as sexual abuse.
No Sex, With Strings Attached
In many relationships the sex drive between two partners varies. But what if your partner is Asexual and you’d like to engage in regular coitus. In this first person essay, the author describes the ups & downs of being asexual in a heterosexual relationship.
The NFL Cleanse
What if you ate all of the fast food advertised during the NFL playoffs? It’s clear that most advertising is misleading and fast food isn’t always delicious. Ruth Baron ate 62 of the advertised fast-food meals advertised during the NFL playoffs.
The Fakers
What if you could tailor your resume to give you the exact experience a potential employer is looking for? Enter Career Excuse, a company that you can pay to create fake job experience for you, including a letter of recommendation as well as phone reference and an impressive website.
A Life to Live, This Side of the Bars
Love can transcend and withstand many things, what if your girlfriend was in jail? In the New York Times modern love section, one man writes about his love story, dating a woman who is behind bars for a role she played in a crime, ten years prior.
This is a weekly newsletter with curated content from around the web. Please reach out with any suggestions and feedback. Find me on Twitter and on Instagram.

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