Kony 2012, One Year Later

¿Quien es Joseph Kony?

Who is Joseph Kony? (Photo credit: Jennol)

One year ago today, Invisible Children launched a short film online [viewable here] to stop Joseph Kony, the Ugandan LRA leader. Over the last year, the YouTube version of the film has been viewed more than 96 million times. On Vimeo, the film’s original host, it has been viewed 18.4 million times.

A year ago when the video was released I wrote something calling into question the ‘activists’ that are interested in bringing Kony down. I put activists in quotation marks because, what exactly did they do? For about a month my social networks were filled with phrases like “Stop Kony” or “Make Kony Famous” but when the hype from the video died down, so did the ‘activists’ or slacktivists as they should be more appropriately called. Continue reading


In Five Minutes

What can you create in five minutes? That is exactly what the creators behind The Sketchbook Project are asking this week. The link for the project can be found here.

This week, 500 participators (myself included) are being challenged to draw a portrait of someone in five minutes by March 15th. My drawing skills can be described as sub-par at best so don’t laugh at my drawing which I will post below. Continue reading

You Can Do Something

Invisible Children launched a short film online Monday [viewable here] to stop Kony, the Ugandan LRA leader. Since its launch Monday afternoon, the film has been viewed 5.4 million times in 150 countries, with some 9,000 comments left on Vimeo. It has been viewed an additional 1.8 million times on YouTube with over 99,000 comments.

It is insane how quickly this video has gone viral. But what has actually been done to stop him? My social media networks are filled with phrases like “Stop Kony” “Make Kony Famous” and a link to the video urging people to watch it. Is that all you really felt compelled to do after watching this video? Spread the word?

The reason this video was created was to spread awareness about who this man is and what this man does and to get him arrested in this year. [Kidnap children, kill them, use them as sex slaves, hand them guns.] And all you wanted to do after watching this was spread the word? There are ways to donate, to get involved.

If this video actually impacted you, and moved you enough to share it. Don’t JUST share it, that’s not all you can do. Donate, volunteer, DO SOMETHING.

But sitting behind a computer screen urging your friends to watch a video is apathetic. If you really care, do something more.

Kony 2012

Kony 2012